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Bed Bugs in the UK: A Guide For Owners of Self-Catering Accommodation

Current publicity from the media about bed bugs is causing concern in the self-catering accommodation sector. Property owners may be uncertain how to prevent bed bugs, what to do if they find bed bugs, or if they are notified of them by guests.

This is not a bed bug ‘crisis’ as such. Bed bugs have been around for millions of years but had virtually disappeared from developed countries by the 1950s. The last 30 years have seen a resurgence due to an increase in travel, a resistance to pesticides, and also owing to the growing popularity of second-hand furniture. Following lockdown, we have seen a further resurgence in reports of bed bugs, as national and international travel has returned to previous levels.

There is a false stigma around bed bugs. They are not an indicator of an unclean house and they do not spread disease. They are often just transferred from one property to another, via guest clothing or in luggage and via transport.

It’s important to learn what they look like and where they hide, and to have a clear policy in place to prevent them, and to eradicate them if you need to. If you find them in your property, or if a guest tells you they are present, you can swiftly take action to identify and eradicate them.

Download the full Guidance Sheet Below.

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