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A picture is worth a thousand words, and this certainly applies to your Holiday property.

The first time a client sees your property will more than likely be on your website or promotional literature.

First impressions count and good quality photography does make a huge difference showing off your property at its best.

Prior to booking with you the impression your clients perceive about the service you offer and the type & standard of accommodation you provide will probably be from your website. If you have no images or the images reflect poorly your property you will have less enquiries and bookings.

We all have access to great cameras and excellent results can be had from good quality cameras on our mobile phones. However, it’s worth asking yourself the following;

  • Am I happy with the results?
  • Are the photos the best they could be?
  • Are the images showing the property at its very best?
  • Are the colours in the photos an accurate representation of the interiors? (paint colours, floor coverings, kitchen cabinets)
  • Are the walls straight & vertical.

If the answer to any of these questions is no then you should probably hire a professional photographer, the investment spent on professional photos will typically help showcase the property to its full potential and generate more bookings.

If you do hire a professional Photographer, you should always have a detailed discussion with your photographer to make sure they know what you want to achieve as an end product.

You should also involve your website designer at this stage as they will almost certainly have various requirements (size of images, crop format, orientation etc.)

The following tips are worth taking into consideration when planning a photography shoot either with al photographer or a DIY approach.

To see best practice download the guidance sheet 

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