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The Highland Council: Update on Applications

Short-Term Let Licence applications to the Highland Council on 10th July 2023, with just 59 working days to go until every STL in Scotland must have applied for a licence:

  • 2135 applications
  • 1832 from existing operators
  • 303 from new operators
  • 999 Licences issued
  • Estimate of STLs in The Highland Council Region: 10,000

Fiona Campbell. Chief Executive, Association of Scotland’s Self-Caterers, said

“The short-term rental sector has been a vital component of Scotland’s tourism offering for generations. However, there has been widespread uncertainty about the future of the sector since the Scottish Government passed legislation to introduce the Short-term Let Licensing Scheme. In a recent ASSC member survey,  61% of 1225 respondents stated that they are contemplating leaving the sector. Of those, 36% are actively considering leaving, while 25% remain undecided. The ASSC welcomes regulation of the sector, but the interpretation of the licensing scheme legislation by a number of local authorities in Scotland has resulted in high levels of anxiety about the viability of longstanding STL businesses, which is why the legislation was challenged in Edinburgh, and found to be unlawful by Lord Braid. These types of challenges across Scotland are likely to become commonplace unless the Scottish Government listens to what the industry is saying. The low number of licence applications in the Highlands is representative of what is happening across Scotland. Operators coming late to the application process is probably not what should alarm local authorities but rather that current operators are not applying at all.”

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