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The ASSC and PASC continue our dialogue with both PRS and PPL to try and improve the way that these licences are dealt with.

We want it to be made clear why owners have to pay the licence and identify some clear FAQ’s regarding the licensing
  • We have requested a specific self-catering tariff, that is not the same as that used for hotels.
  • We seek clarification that hotel use is different to self-catering use: self-catering guests may play no music at all, and operators do not play music to guests,  whilst there is frequently music being played in hotels.
  • We have requested an urgent improvement in customer service provided  by call center staff.

We accept that licences need to be paid, where music is being played in a commercial setting. Given that guests are paying for our accommodation, that is deemed a commercial setting. For the same reason, if you provide alcohol in welcome packs, operators must be licenced under the Licensing Act 2005.

However,  the system must be improved.

Whilst conversations are ongoing, we have received confirmation that if anyone overpays in the meantime, they will be credited when full clarity on pricing emerges.


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