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Quality Assurance Survey Results

We recently conducted a survey on the importance of quality assurance, asking for views through the EmbraceScotland social media and newsletter.  We wanted to know whether or not it is important to potential visitors to Scotland that our accommodation is quality assured.  The results showed that quality assurance does matter to many when booking, and also highlighted the importance of photographs and reviews.


All the holiday cottages on EmbraceScotland either have a quality star rating by VisitScotland or are part of the Association of Scotland’s Self-Caterers’ Committed to Quality scheme.  Is it important to you when booking a holiday that the property is quality assured?

Yes = 41 (89.13%)

No = 5 (10.87%)


Would you still book a holiday cottage through EmbraceScotland if the properties do not belong to a quality assurance scheme?

Yes = 23 (48.94%)

No = 24 (51.06%)


I would be more concerned with how the property looked and facilities than quality assurance. Normally go by reviews and photos to help me choose.

It’s not something I particularly look at, as long as the property looks in good order via photos, I wouldn’t necessarily need it to be rated. It’s probably more something I would look at for hotels.

Wouldn’t book any that had not been quality assured.

Checks should be tougher.

While a quality star rating gives some indication of the standard to expect, I would use TripAdvisor to check reviews before booking.

As long as clean and looks like it is on the website.

It’s a guide but not essential. Online reviews are becoming more relevant.

Along with other things like photos, good website etc.

I want to relax on holiday, clean well-appointed accommodation is essential.

I have been caught out once, never again.

Spotlessly clean is my priority.

I am conflicted about my answer because question 2 introduces an opposing answer.  It is very helpful to know that the current properties are screened and the quality will be assured.  A yes to question 2 is based on the thought that there may be newly listing properties that have not been rated, as yet, but may still be a good value.

Quality assurance is important to us.

I never expect or want luxury.  Just clean, comfortable and functional.

The two times I’ve been to Scotland I have never been disappointed.

I don’t bother as I look at the photographs of the accommodation and make up my own mind.

Very important and so far we find standards better than self-catering not in scheme.

It is a useful indication to what to expect, but in my experience the property does not always live up to what you expect for the grading.

Would hope this reduces uncertainty in booking.

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