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Self-Catering & Holiday Let Policy: Representation, Lobbying and Advocacy

The Association of Scotland’s Self-Caterers is committed to working together on policy reform.
In an ever-changing tourism landscape and as more and more legislation, regulations and business expenses appear on the horizon, the ASSC finds itself increasingly politically engaged on a local, national and European level. The Association works closely with local, Scottish and UK Government and other industry stakeholders to support the self-catering and short-term let sector, with a structured advocacy, lobbying and representation strategy that puts the ASSC at the forefront of the Scottish tourism industry. The ASSC is a Council Member of the Scottish Tourism Alliance, and sits on the Strategy Steering Group for Scotland’s National Tourism Strategy. During the development of Short-Term Let Regulations, the ASSC was a member of the Scottish Government’s Working Group and remains part of the Industry Advisory Group. We are regularly invited to be part of Short Life Working Groups, for example the Small Business Bonus Scheme Review and the Cameron House Fatal Accident Inquiry. The ASSC also has close links with other European countries, as founding members of the European Holiday Homes Association (EHHA).
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