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What the ASSC Does for You and The Sector

Being part of the ASSC brings you and your business direct benefits, but it also means you are supporting an active and effective organisation working on the big things that matter.

In an ever-changing tourism landscape and as more and more legislation, regulations and business expenses appear on the horizon, as well as the opportunities and challenges created by the collaborative economy, the ASSC finds itself increasingly politically engaged on a national and European level.

ASSC is undertaking critical activities to support your business and the self-catering sector in Scotland.

  • Working with Scottish Government and Local Authorities to take forward the Short-Term Lets Regulatory Framework   
  • Working with Scottish Government and local authorities on the introduction of a Transient Visitor Levy or Tourist Tax in Scotland
  • Actively working with Scottish Tourism Alliance to highlight the increased ‘cost of doing business’ faced by our members
  • Working with Scottish Government and industry stakeholders on the Business Rates review and the Non-Domestic Rates (Scotland) Bill
  • Promoting the retention of the Small Business Bonus Scheme
  • Working with Scottish Tourism Alliance and other stakeholders on developing the National Tourism Strategy
  • Working with VisitScotland on marketing strategies to benefit the self-catering sector
  • Protecting your rights and ensuring that companies such as PPL/PRS Music Licensing and MPLC do not obtain licence fees that are not required from self-catering properties
  • Working with trade associations throughout Europe to ensure that our sector is not negatively impacted by increased regulation and seeking views on best practice outwith the UK

We continue to raise the ASSC’s profile in industry and on a Government, Local Government and European level, to ensure that our voice is heard and that our members continue to be at the forefront of a professional, vibrant and prosperous Scottish self-catering sector.

For more information on what issues we are currently involved in, please see our Policy Page.

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