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ASSC EmbraceScotland Launches “For the Coorie” Winter Marketing Campaign

In a celebration of Scotland’s enchanting winter allure, EmbraceScotland is delighted to announce the launch of its captivating marketing campaign, “For the Coorie.” This initiative, set to kick off on December 1st, aims to shine a spotlight on the unique “Coorie” experience offered by self-catering properties across Scotland.

ASSC Marketing Members are being invited to take part in the campaign through blogs, stories, social media and highlighting their winter availability and offers.

EmbraceScotland, developed exclusively for members of the Association of Scotland’s Self Caterers (ASSC), serves as an additional marketing tool for ASSC members. It promotes sustainable, inclusive, and responsible self-catering accommodation while encouraging direct, commission-free bookings for its members. All ASSC members participating in EmbraceScotland are part of the ASSC Committed to Quality Scheme, upholding principles of “quality, integrity, cleanliness, comfort, courtesy, and efficiency.” This commitment sets EmbraceScotland apart, ensuring all listings represent trusted members adhering to stringent quality standards.

What is “Coorie”?

“Coorie” is a Scottish term embodying the act of snuggling up and finding comfort, symbolizing warmth, contentment, and relaxation, especially in a cosy environment.

Campaign Highlights:

The “For the Coorie” campaign will unfold through sensory-driven visuals, captivating images, and short videos, capturing the enchanting contrast of winter in Scotland and the warmth of the ‘Coorie’ experience. EmbraceScotland will feature insights from property owners, exploring what “Coorie” means to them and how they embody it through their accommodation and their local community.

The campaign will also showcase winter festivals, scenic walks, and warming winter recipes, providing the audience with an immersive experience to embrace the feeling of “coorie” and inspiring them to book a self-catering winter break.

As the campaign unfolds, EmbraceScotland invites everyone to join the conversation, share their own “Coorie” moments, and explore the unique charm that Scotland’s winter has to offer.

For further information, please contact: Victoria Brooks victoria@assc.co.uk


About EmbraceScotland:

EmbraceScotland, a marketing platform developed for ASSC members, promotes sustainable, inclusive, and responsible self-catering accommodation across Scotland. Committed to Quality Scheme ensures all listings represent trusted ASSC members dedicated to maintaining high-quality standards.

About the Association of Scotland’s Self Caterers:

knowledge on short-term letting and holiday homes in Scotland and are the only trade body representing the interests of the traditional self-catering sector. We represent over 1,700 members, operating tens of thousands of self-catering properties throughout Scotland, from city centre apartments to rural cottages, to lodges and chalets, to castles. The ASSC commits its members to maintaining the principles of “quality, integrity, cleanliness, comfort, courtesy and efficiency” and to offering visitors to Scotland consistently high standards within their self-catering properties.

Our vision is that the ASSC takes the leading role in supporting and promoting a vibrant and prosperous self-catering sector that is recognised as pivotal to the future of Scotland’s Tourism Economy. Our purpose is to empower our diverse and professional membership, enabling them to deliver exceptional experiences to guests. Our focus is on supporting individuals, businesses and communities in the promotion of Scottish self-catering as a sustainable, inclusive and responsible form of accommodation, at the heart of Scotland’s tourism offer.

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